Lockhart Street, Como

SERVICES: TOWN PLANNING (subdivision application, town planning justification submission and negotiation) LAND SURVEYING (engineering and licensed cadastral) AND SETTLEMENT (application for new titles and settlement for sales)


Proposal – 4 Survey Strata Lots


The subject land accommodated 4 existing units which were approved and constructed under historic planning regulations.


Our client wished to demolish the 4 existing units and create 4 better shaped lots each with separate road frontage. The issue is that current day planning requirements don’t allow 4 lots / dwellings and demolishing the units would potentially limit the site to 2 lots in total. The City of South Perth recommended to the WAPC that the application be refused (despite initially advising the landowner that they would support it).


The application process was very challenging (the WAPC sought internal legal advice) and at one point the WAPC advised that the application would be refused. TLD prepared town planning justification on the merits of the proposal and has numerous discussions with the assessing officer that assisted with the application being supported.


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