Mouquet Vista, White Gum Valley

SERVICES: TOWN PLANNING (subdivision application, town planning justification submission, negotiation & prepare local development plan) LAND SURVEYING (engineering and licensed cadastral) AND SETTLEMENT (application for new titles)

Proposal – 6 Survey Strata Lots

The planning framework for this Landcorp Estate required the subject site to be developed with Apartments. After considerable expense on preparing plans, reports and obtaining Development Approval (14 Apartments) the owners unfortunately couldn’t obtain the required number of pre-sales to obtain construction finance.

TLD were engaged to investigate whether there was a potentially opportunity for the creation of vacant survey strata lots despite the endorsed City of Fremantle Local Planning Policy requiring the site to be developed with Apartments. Following research of the applicable planning framework, TLD formed the view that there was potential for a vacant lot subdivision to be approved.

TLD adopted a strategised approach that resulted in the subdivision application being approved. Fortunately the owners were able to exit the project with a small profit as opposed to the significant loss they were expecting.

One of the developers subdivision conditions required the preparation of a complicated Local Development Plan (LDP). Due to having the required skillset TLD were able to prepare this in-house and having the project background were able to do it at a lessor cost than the owners engaging an external town planning consultancy.

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