Subdivision Town Planning Services

Our Town Planning services solely relate to our client’s subdivision projects when required. It is important to remember that all Survey Strata & Green Title subdivisions applications are determined by the Town Planners at the WA Planning Commission. Town Planners in Local Government are also heavily involved in the subdivision process. It is quite common that even the simplest of subdivision proposals can benefit from Town Planning input.
Foresight is our greatest offer. When plans are not prepared properly applications may be refused by Government agencies. Our planners have years of experience and know exactly what is expected. Having planning and surveying experts working together on your subdivision or development project means your plans are being reviewed by all the right people through every step of the process. Any potential issues are flagged early, before committing to a design.

Before you make any plans get a planner

It’s best to get a planner involved in your project from the outset. By doing so, you’re not wasting time on plans that will get shut down at a later stage. With our planning knowledge, we can guide your decisions and help you achieve the best possible outcome for your project.
Our Town Planning subdivision services include:
  • Research and understanding of the applicable State & Local Government Town Planning framework as it relates to a particular project (this is particularly useful if issues arise).
  • Preparation of Town Planning justification submissions.
  • Ability to advocate on our client’s behalf in the best possible way.
  • Structure Planning & Rezoning services.
  • Preparation of Local Development Plans.
  • Representation at the State Administrative Tribunal.

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