Developers are now required to provide proof that sanitary drainage services have been provided by a Licensed Plumber to each lot on a survey strata scheme in order to obtain new Titles.

Even though evidence that sewer drainage was not required to obtain Titles between 2015-2019, The Land Division (TLD) insisted that all clients undertake this work as we deemed it to essentially be a requirement under the Strata Titles Act and therefore wished to protect our clients best interests (we are aware of significant legal issues where our competitors have not insisted on this). As a result, the need to undertake the required physical works is essentially not a new requirement for our previous clients.

TLD Director Joel Carter was consulted by the Department of Mines in regards to the draft Plumbing Regulations which are due to be presented to Parliament in 2020. A number of Mr Carters recommendations are included in the draft Regulations. See Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety Building and Energy Industry Bulletin 125 for more information.